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Last update 18 April 2010

The only way that the RTA will be convinced to BUILD OUR BRIDGE is if the Minister issues a directive.
  • Write/email the Minister as soon as possible.
  • Refer to our information pages to back up your position or use our example letter.
  • The key issue is that existing funds should not be wasted on a crossing - the community wants a bridge.
  • Ensure you get an acknowledgement - keep resending until you do.
  • Don't accept "fob off" responses - write back making it clear they aren't acceptable.
  • Keep writing - don't be ignored.
  • Encourage everyone you know to write/email as well.
  • Ask your community groups, clubs and schools to include something in their next newsletter (referring to
  • Check this website regularly for new information and write/email again.
  • Don't give up - persistence pays off.
  • Above all, don't be silent and put writing off to another day - government see silence as agreement with them.
Having a letter published in the newspaper is also a valuable way of bringing focus to the issue.

We haven't provided an example, in this case, as newspapers are unlikely to publish multiple copies of the same letter. The personal touch is much better in this case. Please write to the newspaper at the following address:

Parramatta Advertiser
142-154 Macquarie Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
phone (02) 9689 5370
fax (02) 9689 5357

The Lower Prospect Canal Reserve cycleway/walkway was only created due to the persistence of the community. Similarly without persistence on this issue a SAFE cycleway/walkway will not be restored. Please lend your support.

If this campaign is to be successful you MUST at least read our solution page and write/email the Minister for Roads.

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